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The Public Information Session was held on August 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Wayne Community College Moffatt Auditorium

The Public Information Session was intended to update the public about the Student Realignment Study.  Attendees listened to a presentation provided by the consultant, Cropper GIS.  The presentation included an overview why realignment is necessary, how the process works, work done to date, and and a timeline of the work still to be done.

Here are the materials that we have shared at the meeting, as well as links that have been provided on the Thought Exchange Survey:

Objectives and Criteria

Option A and B Overview/Narrative

2018-19 Attendance Zone Maps (Current)

Option A Maps

Option A Statistics

Option B Maps

Option B Statistics

Public Information Session Large Plot Maps

Public Information Large Plot Table

August 27th Public Information Session PowerPoint